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Benefits of softtik exchange software

Ready to Use

An exchange software that is all set to use. It has a powerful trading engine, robust order book, and scalable app structure with user friendly UI/UX

Reduced Development Cost

The exchange software has a variety of readymade modules for its customers that decreases their workload and make the software available for them at a low cost.

Easy to Customize

The white label crypto exchange makes customization extremely simple for the users. With this software, you can customize your exchange like you want to.

Market as your Own

Easily rebrand your crypto exchange software according to your choice. Add your logo, choose a color scheme, create your design and you are all ready to go.

No Tech Expertise Required

The white label crypto software is an easy-to-use user panel and very well designed modules that do not require any technical expertise like that of others.

Tested by Traders

Our cryptocurrency exchange platform is bought for its customers after testing from crypto traders. Our features are qualified among the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why Choose Us

Softtik Cryptocurrecy Exchange

Digital currency is expected to replace conventional currencies in the next few years. Fiat currencies will be replaced by cryptocurrencies like gold was replaced by paper. If you're planning to run one of the most profitable businesses, you're at the right place. Softtik's Exchange Software makes it very easy for its customers. Build your own Cryptocurrency exchange today with Softtik's Exchange software. in a few steps. Click the link below to get a free demo to one of the best cryptocurrency exchange software in the world.

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Cryptocurrency Exchange features


High TPS (Transactions per second)

A high TPS value gives a better trading experience. The cryptocurrency exchange software gives a superb boost to your business by processed threads of transactions that go way higher.


Powerful Trade Engine

This crypto exchange software can run a multi-dimensional order and selling mechanism. With a strong trading mechanism that offers plenty of detail to every cryptocurrency exchange.


Hot Wallet

Multi-currency wallets are built on the block chain to enable safe and secure storage of cryptocurrencies. Multisignature cold storage can secure all of the cryptocurrency funds, making every transaction live and instantaneous.


Multi-layer Security

A multi-layer security architecture is designed using the best standards and thicker push in layers to keep the administrators and the consumers away from every threat the could have.


Market Maker

A completely optimized structure of the crypto exchange software is developed. Best software in all situations whether it is about processing the orders or generating clients.


API to External Exchange

To bring liquidation in the form of deposits a capitalization base is offered to the connected API link.



The cryptocurrency exchange platform provides a simple and secure medium for user identity and trust management, preventing non-KYC compliant users from conducting any trading activities.


Margin Trading

Low investment traders can also take benefits with the margin trading feature. They can take coins from other traders who are willing to offer coins on loan.


Multi-Language Support

There is flexibility for supporting multiple languages. Speak your client’s language and write like they write to make everything understandable with your cryptocurrency exchange software.

Cryptocurrency exchange security

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