Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company- Softtik
May 19, 2020

Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company- Softtik

The rise of cryptocurrency is very obvious to the whole world now. Numerous people are investing tens of thousands in the cryptocurrency business. People are developing multiple currencies to invest in. The business of crypto is rising for every single person that is part of the business be it a developer, trader, or crypto developer. Because the cryptocurrency has an abundance of cryptocurrency development companies in the marketplace. Every company comes with unique features for the clients.

This blog is going to guide you about all the advantages Softtik brings for its clients.

What Is A Decentralized Crypto Exchange?

Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are exchange software that comes with exchange solutions for the customers. These give the facility of developing a cryptocurrency exchange software that allows peer-to-peer trading of cryptocurrencies. In general, the development companies build exchanges that do not rely on third parties to hold the client's funds. This helps in eliminating all the risks that come along when investing in a digital marketplace. 

Softtik is a famous decentralized cryptocurrency exchange development company. One can rely on it completely to get the exchange with high-level security. 

How Decentralized Crypto Exchanges Work? 

Since making crypto coins, people have been exchanging their advantages for different coins or money. A huge part of individuals prefers getting exchanges with decentralized and white label exchange solutions. Over recent years, there has been a rise in decentralized cryptocurrency development exchanges. Such exchanges help allow computerized cash exchanging without depending on an outsider. 

Why Is DEX Software Important? 

There are two types of exchanges in the crypto world one is a centralized exchange and the other is a decentralized crypto exchange. 

A centralized exchange is an exchange that operates like a traditional bank or a stock market. In such exchanges, all of your transaction details will be stored in the central server. Also, other people will have access to it for monitoring the flow of currencies and the transactions between the users. Along with that, a middle-man will handle your private key and public keys. This means that your cryptocurrency transaction details will be saved in a central cloud server which can be accessed by all. Hence, it is less secure. 

While in decentralized cryptocurrency development exchanges the transaction takes place between peer to peer. These exchanges make use of the public key and private key for completing an effective transaction. As the Decentralized solutions use blockchain technology, the essential transaction information will be given to all the users. There are layers of security in the exchange. 

A P2p Currency Exchange Development Company:

Thus Softtik is also called a p2p currency software development company. P2p exchange software means allowing buying and selling to deal with the asked price before transferring tokens and coins. There is a decentralized approach with direct interactions between individuals & groups. Furthermore, this approach simply describes p2p file sharing in which every peer can act as a server for others. 

You can completely rely on it to develop an exchange with multiple layers of security for your clients. Want to develop a decentralized exchange for your business?

If you want to build a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange for your cryptocurrency business, then Softtik has it all for you. As mentioned above, it is a leading decentralized cryptocurrency exchange development company in Pakistan.

The company provides white label solutions for your business. You are free to easily customize your exchange. Moreover, it has amazing features along with the best security practices. The layers of security they have for you to ensure the safety of the clients that will use your crypto exchange software

Softtik has the features of simply buying and selling cryptos, smart contracts, multi-sign wallets, API integration, market analysis, professional consulting, etc for the clients. 

About The Decentralized Cryptocurrency Development Company:

Blockchain Technology Of The Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company:

As the crypto world is based on the blockchain technology, hence individuals look for companies that know well how to work on them. It is a technology with different transaction ledgers. This distributed ledger facility adds a layer of security on the blockchain platform. Along with that, the blockchain technology uses cryptography to help in securing the exchange. Softtik is a brand that comes with the best blockchain crypto exchange software. for the customers. The brand offers both quality and security under one company. Also, they offer the prices in town. Not just this, the company comes with a wide range of other blockchain applications. By taking advantage of this feature people can build applications that can change the world for better.

A Skilled Team Of The Crypto Development Company: 

The company has a team that is knowledgeable about all the trends that go around in the market. So the exchange developed from this cryptocurrency development company will never miss you out on anything. The developers of Softtik make use of the essential user interface for your exchange and other blockchain applications. Every feature on the site is built after a deep insight. The team constantly keeps a check on the security of the exchanges and keeps updating them according to the needs of the clients. The team behind the company knows how to handle Blockchain technology efficiently.

Assistance For All The Clients Of Crypto Development Company:

The best thing about the company is that it gives the clients assistance and guidance to make your project yield high. You don’t need to worry even if you have less knowledge to build an exchange that is decentralized and comes with all other essential features. From deciding what type o exchange to build to launching it, they are going to guide you at every step. They value communication attain the mutual goal of them and their clients. Undoubtedly, Softtik provides continuous support to the clients for their decentralized blockchain technology project.

Experience Of Cryptocurrency Development Company: 

The company has a vast experience in the development of cryptocurrency exchanges and other applications. It has been part of six major development projects. So you don’t need to worry about completely relying on the exchange. The developers have made successful Cryptocurrency exchange projects leading to wealthy businesses. 

What Makes A Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company Important? 

Due to the increasing trend of cryptocurrency, the competition of the company is also increasing. The crypto market is full of developers putting their best to make different cryptocurrency development exchange software. 

As the blockchain technology is decentralized, so it is without any central authority.

If you have a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange then your exchange will have high security. In fact, there is no need to include any third party to transfer your funds because of decentralized solutions. In addition to that, these exchanges are quick. Clients can exchange coins instantly. Not just this but such exchanges also eliminate all risks like hacking, etc. The transparency of these exchanges is also high and the best thing is that the transactions are Anonymous.

Softtik has the best cryptocurrency exchange software development solutions on one site. It has the best Cryptocurrency Exchange Development software with the best perfect script for the exchange. The exchanges built with this company have fully loaded features that make your cryptocurrency exchange unique and more adaptable. This company is definitely a one-stop solution for all the crypto client's needs.

Along with the development of exchange with a decentralized solution, the company offers different solutions like:

Blockchain Application Development:

Creating blockchain-based applications gets difficult. He exchanges development company has experts that will guide you from the selection to completion of the application. Also, they will you the best advice to make an innovative application at the best price and the best features.

Ethereum Application Development:

If you are looking for creating your blockchain application. You can easily do it now. The brand provides complete access over the blockchain marketing with the open-source platform. 

ICO And ERC20 Token Development:

The Company has an Initial Coin Offering facility. It is best for starting a blockchain business.  

Decentralized App Development:

Building applications for the aim of transactions, then you can do it now. The brand has a complete open-ended user interface to build a secure exchange.

Smart Contract Development:

Softtik is the greatest smooth agreement cryptocurrency development company for all people. You can sign a smart contract instead of risking your exchange. The blockchain technology stores these smart contracts. These are agreements between people in the form of computer code. Once the contract is signed no changes can be made. 


With the invention of cryptocurrency, the world is changing into a digital marketplace. Every passing day more people invest in the crypto market. People are completely involved in the buying selling of multiple coins. Thus, crypto exchanges are becoming the need of the time at this stage. Though the trading of these coins has a lot of benefits, they have drawbacks too. One major drawback due to which people fear investing big is security. In order to solve this, a decentralized solution is very important. If you are looking for the best-decentralized solution for you and your clients, then Softtik will provide you with that. You can visit their site, watch the demo, and build secure your exchange now.