How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Offline Ripple Wallet?
May 19, 2020

How To Create Your Own Cryptocurrency Offline Ripple Wallet?

Cryptocurrencies have been taking the internet for quite a while now. They have taken over all the businesses by offering digital trading platforms to people. Be it Bitcoin or Ethereum, Litecoin, or Ripple, the investors are making heavy investments in the crypto market. The crypto business is rising constantly. These investments require safe wallets for storing cryptocurrencies. Some people don’t trust the internet to store their currencies. There is a wide range of information present online regarding Bitcoin and Ethereum storage offline wallets. Now Investors investing in Ripple don’t need to worry about storing Ripple. This is a complete guide regarding the offline ripple wallet.

What Is Ripple?

Ripple serves the role of both a platform and a digital currency. As a platform it an open-source protocol allowing fast and cheap digital financial transactions. In addition to that, the platform has its own digital currency known as XRP. It is another digital cryptocurrency that people are investing and exchanging on different crypto exchange software. This digital currency is made for a day-to-day payment system. Also, the transactions on Ripple are much quicker and cheaper than other digital cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, one can exchange Ripple for multiple currencies with a minimal commission.

Significantly, all cryptocurrencies require a compatible secure wallet on which these cryptos can be stored safely. Bitcoin investors looking for a best bitcoin wallet, ethereum investors look for best ethereum wallet and similarly ripple investors look for a safe wallet to secure their coins.

What Are Ripple Wallets?

You need a bank account to secure the paper money that you have in hand. Ripple is a digital currency that is not made for storing in the bank. Thus, when you purchase ripple (XRP), you might need something similar to the bank account to secure, send, and receive your ripple. Getting access to a wallet that supports ripple becomes important.

Like there few safest ethereum wallets, several wallets support ripple. Each wallet comes with different characteristics from the other. The wallets that support ripple can be of three types:

Software wallets

  • Paper wallets

  • Hardware wallets

Types Of Ripple Wallets: 

Each type of wallet has its features and is different in terms of convenience and safety. Hence, depending upon the storage location of the coins, safety, and other features the wallets have been classified into three main categories. 

Software Ripple Wallets:

One of the most common ways of storing cryptocurrencies is using software or a hot wallet. These ripple wallets come in a variety of different forms. Software wallets can be either for desktop, mobile, or can be on the internet. For instance like a wallet in cryptocurrency exchange software

Desktop wallets are wallets run on your own system on installation. Also, they are easy to access from the computers in which they are downloaded only. This is the reason why desktop wallets offer one of the highest levels of security. But in case your system faces an issue, then there are chances that you may lose all your coins.

Mobile wallets as the name suggests are based on mobile phones. These wallets run different applications that people can download on their phone. Mobile wallets are known as we can use them anywhere and everywhere. Also, these wallets have a simpler structure than desktop wallets. 

There are online wallets, which you can access from any device wherever you are. These wallets run on the cloud and can be risky as they store your private keys online. Hence, hacking attacks and theft can become subject to hacking attacks and other cyber attacks. 

Some best software ripple wallets are: 

Atomic Wallet

  • Toast Wallet

  • Steel Wallet

  • Gatehub

Hardware Ripple Wallets:

A hardware wallet stores your private keys on different hardware devices. Surprisingly, these wallets store coins both offline and online. Different hardware wallets can be compatible with different web interfaces and can support different currencies depending upon their features. These offline ripple wallets are the safest and easiest means of storing your cryptocurrencies. 

Several ripple wallets come in hardware form. These offline wallets help in keeping your money offline and away from danger. All you need to do is simply plug in your device to a device with an internet connection, enter the pin, and send currency. Once done, confirm your transaction. 

Paper Ripple Wallets: 

A paper wallet is simply a piece of paper that you can generate offline and print. It has the private keys and QR code of your ripple wallets. Paper wallets let you have complete control over your wallets offline. Thus, there are fewer chances of risks like hacking and malware attacks, etc

While generating a paper wallet, you print out some copies and store the paper wallet in a safe place. Don't store all the copies in one place, since you want to be able to retrieve a copy if something goes wrong.

How To Create An Offline Ripple Wallet? 

The cryptocurrency exchange software online brings the facility of hot wallets. You are allowed to keep your coins on the exchange with the help of these wallets. Storing the coins on an exchange is the easiest and convenient option. However, investors are not recommended to rely on an exchange to store their precious money. In addition to that, online platforms come with a lot of cyber risks. There are chances of hacking, malware attacks, and other cyber thefts. 

Hence, offline wallets are the best option for storing funds for a longer time.

Below are some ways to create your own offline ripple wallet. 

Ledger Nano S: (Hardware)

It is a portable device that is simple like a USB. The hardware can support more than 700 cryptocurrencies. It is simple to use and can be carried anywhere without the involvement of risk. 

After unboxing the device, make sure that Ledger Nano S, blank recovery sheet, manual, connection cable, and other accessories like lanyard and keyring are available in the box. 

To set up the device and store ripple on Ledger: 

Buy Ledger to start setting up your device according to the guidelines. 

  1. Select a PIN code & write down the recovery phrase of your offline ripple wallet.

  2. Install the application Ledger Live on your device. 

  3. Add an account to manage your cryptocurrency. 

  4. Open Ledger Live on your computer and visit to ‘manager’ section

  5. Add the PIN on your device; Find and install the XRP/ ripple app from the list of apps available for the device.

  6. After installing the ripple app on your handheld device, the next step is to install the Ledger Wallet Ripple on your desktop. Complete the installation process and search for ‘Ledger Wallet Ripple’ and select the XRP icon.

  7. Then enter the Ripple application on your device. Navigate to the XRP icon and press both Ledger buttons down at the same time.

  8. Your Ripple wallet will open. Now you are ready to send and receive Ripple to your device using offline ripple wallet. 

Using Ripple Paper Wallets: 

Paper wallets help in storing the number of coins with specific Ripple wallet address. Along with that, the wallets come with encryption without the internet. The paper wallets make it impossible for anyone to hack your coins. By following these steps you will be able to create your own offline wallet easily: 

• Download The Ripple Wallet Script For Offline Wallets 

Go to Minimalist Ripple Client, follow the link "Download the code here:" and save it with your browser. Then Copy the HTML file to a USB stick that is clean and free from viruses. Now copy the HTML file to a directory of your choice. Make sure that the computer only contains an untouched Windows or Linux installation. It is equally important to remember to not connect the system to the Internet.

• Setting Up Your Ripple Wallet 

Open the file and click to generate identity. You will be made to save a private key which is your secret key. It is important to realize that the secret key should only be known to you. It is a key that includes both alphabets and digits and usually starts with “s”. The secret key will be shown when you click the "show/hide secret" button. Furthermore, it is necessary to secure your secret key with a password phrase of your choice by clicking "encrypt secret".

There is also a public key available right above the "show/hide secret" button. The key is a public key and usually starts with "r". Moreover, this new public key of your Ripple wallet can be used to send Ripple by other traders. 

Now your offline wallet for Ripple is ready. You don’t have to rely on a crypto exchange software for storing funds. No one can access your wallet contents without entering both the secret key and your password phrase.

Utilizing CoolWallet S: (Mobile wallet)

CoolWallet is simple and easy to carry a Ripple wallet. It is in the shape of a credit card with an easy to carry size and amazing functions. 

Before you start, make sure you have CoolWallet S, USB Charger set, CoolBitX App installed, a phone with an Internet connection, and CoolWallet S serial number. 

For setting up the offline ripple wallet, 

Open the CoolBitX application 

  • Turn on the CoolWallet S by pressing the button for 2 seconds.

  • Then tap on your CoolWallet’s matching on the application. 

  • After this enter a Bluetooth Pairing Code in the application.

  • Enter the code displayed on the CoolWallet’s screen on the application and press “Pair”. 

You are all set to keep your coins in the offline wallet.


There is a variety of Ripple storage wallets in the market. Each differs in functionality, design, cost, and security they bring. By reading this article you’ve already put yourself on the right track to securing your Ripple with the best offline ripple wallet. 

The next move is to find out which Ripple wallet offers the ideal balance of features and functions of your choice. Once done, go ahead and buy as many Ripple without worrying about their security.