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Benefits of softtik exchange software

Market Ready Crypto Exchange
Market Ready Crypto Exchange Light

Ready to Use

The all set cryptocurrency exchange software is ready for the job with a powerful engine at the back, robust and scalable order book. App architecture is scaleable

Development Cost Crypto Exchange
Development Cost Crypto Exchange Light

Reduced Development Cost

The cryptocurrency exchange software development is deployable at a reduced cost based on the already created modules that lower the tailoring job.

Customized Crypto Exchange
Customized Crypto Exchange

Easy to Customize

The scalable design of the crypto exchange software lets the customization to be done without any hindrance because easy customization is our priority.

Market Crypto Exchange
Market Crypto Exchange

Market as your Own

Rebranding the cryptocurrency exchange software is quite easy, just add up your logo, inject your colors and cover it with your design and you are ready to launch it.

Non Tech Crypto Exchange
Non Tech Crypto Exchange

No Tech Expertise Required

Diligently designed modules of the crypto exchange software eliminate any requirement for the prior technical knowledge to maintain and run this software.

Tested Crypto Exchange
Tested Crypto Exchange

Tested by Traders

Our cryptocurrency exchange software is used by numerous crypto traders all over the world. Our features are qualified among the best cryptocurrency exchanges.

Why Choose Us

Softtik Cryptocurrecy Exchange

Setup a cryptocurrency exchange today. Within the next four to five years, fiat currencies will be replaced by cryptocurrencies as gold was replaced by paper earlier. You may find it easy to set up a cryptocurrency exchange to start the world's most profitable business of its time, but its rapid & consist growth will be a challenge without Softtik's Exchange Software. You are just one click away to get a free trial of one of the world's best Cryptocurrency Exchange software, powered by Softtik's Exchange software.


Cryptocurrency Exchange features

TPS Crypto Exchange

High TPS (Transactions per second)

The higher the TPS, the better the trading experience. The processed threads of transactions go way higher with the cryptocurrency exchange software that gives a superb boost to your business.

Trading Engine Crypto Exchange

Powerful Trade Engine

This crypto exchange software has the ability to run the multi-dimensional order and selling mechanism. Additionally, it has a robust trading mechanism that offers plenty of detail to every cryptocurrency exchange.

Wallet Crypto Exchange

Hot Wallet

Multiple coins are supported with extensible security protocols and live usage with nothing pushed back into the cold storage, making every transaction live and instantaneous.

Crypto Exchange Security

Multi-layer Security

The tough security panel of cryptocurrency exchange software withdraws every threat the administrators and the consumers could have, which are designed using the best standards and thicker push in layers.

Market Maker Crypto Exchange

Market Maker

The fully optimized architecture of the crypto exchange software is perfect for every situation in a market, whether it about processing the orders or generating clientele.

API Crypto Exchange

API to External Exchange

At the very first moment, the connected API link up to offer a capitalization base while moving to the next brings in the liquidation in the form of deposits.

KYC - AML Crypto Exchange


The cryptocurrency exchange software makes you complain to the global laws of Anti-money Laundering with its know-your-customer geographical identity verification.

Margin Trading Crypto Exchange

Margin Trading

Traders with a low investment of cryptocurrency can open their position at higher cost by taking some leverage from other traders who want to offer their coins on loan.

Multi Language Crypto Exchange

Multi-Language Support

Focus on your clients while speaking their language with your cryptocurrency exchange software. Alongside write like they write to make everything understandable and to stay with them on the same page.

Cryptocurrency exchange security

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